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The current hall was constructed on site in the 1970s, based on a Keith Hays design. The hall has hosted organisations such as the Women’s Institute as well as providing a place for church services, polling booths, social gatherings, New Years gala and other community events throughout the years.


The original hall was built in 1912 by the local community. It was frequently used for dances with people coming from Whananaki and Ngunguru. Horse and boat were the modes of transportation at that time. When the local men enlisted in the war, the hall served as a central location for bidding farewell to the troops and hosting celebrations for those who returned home.

Although the roll of honour was lost after the the original hall was demolished in 1970. A new roll of honor was compiled and unveiled in the current hall on January 25, 2014, thanks largely to the efforts of local resident Jennifer Wilson-Stewart.

The hall is managed by volunteers of the Matapouri Hall Society Incorporated.


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