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Booking the hall

Contact: Leah McKerrow (Hall Secretary) - 021 304 123,


If the hire is occupying the hall after midnight on the day of the hire we consider that an overnight hire.

Per hour:      $15.00

Per night:     $250 from 12pm (midday) date of hire to 12pm (midday) the following day.
                      $350 for birthdays, wedding or evening hire
                      [To be paid in full confirming the booking]


Bond:            $200.00 to be paid at time of booking. 
                      Bond is refundable if certain conditions are met.
                     (Refer to clause 7 in RULES OF HIRE).


Fire Shed:     $10.00 per hour

Please read RULES OF HIRE here

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer looking after the MOE paddock lease.

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